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We're family-run

Customers have counted on Amertex for over 65 years. You don’t develop reliable, dependable service like ours overnight. Our family-run business began as most small businesses do: with a lot of hard work. We knew our customers back when we started in the heart of the Bronx, and we know our customers now, throughout the tri-state area. You’ve got to be really good to be around as long as we have.

We know technology

We do our job right to make your job easier. That’s why every Amertex garment is imprinted with a unique barcode that simplifies tracking and routing, and provides you with a transparent, detailed invoice. This tracking system, combined with state-of-the-art route mapping, means your merchandise arrives on time and complete. And our personnel are equipped with push-to-talk phones, so you get ahold of us when you need us.

We answer our phones

Every time you pick up the phone to call us, someone from the Amertex team will be on the other end. We don’t care much for those automated answering services and we think you might not like them much, either. You expect personalized service and that’s what we’re going to give you: Connecticut to New Jersey, Staten Island to Queens, quick, dependable, reliable, and a real human being on the phone.

Our team is our strength.

Hear what our amazing staff has to say about us.

Staff Spotlight

I started at Amertex in 1999. Even after 12 years I still love working here, it’s a very comfortable environment and my coworkers feel like family, I couldnt ask for more.

– Ana, 12 year Employee

Ana 12 year Amertex Employee

Staff Spotlight

During 33 years of service to the company I have develpoed strong relationships with the entire staff. I understand the team and the product at a level most others can not. It’s all about the people.

– Michael A. Newby, President

Michael A. Newby, President of Amertex

Staff Spotlight

I came straight to Amertex from Africa. I assist in washing garments and flat goods for delivery. I love working at Amertex, my co-workers are my friends. I’ve met a lot of great people over the years.

– Albert, 35 year Employee

Albert, 35 year Employee

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